Make money by doing what you do best
with Badges Program

Build your personal Brand

Be creative to connect your community


With Badges Program get Incentives such as
gifts from Fans

Sharpen your Badges game

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Badges follow the same rules as Live

If you've mastered making live videos, you can master badges and may need a refresher

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Involve your supporters

Ask your supporters what they want to see

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Let viewers know that badges are

As viewers tune in at different times, remind them that badges areenabled at the beginning, middle, and end of your live video.

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Thank your supporters

Remember to thank your supporters with shout-outs during your live and afterward

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Share badges goals

Sharing a goal for your live and pinning it as a comment can help viewers feel more involved in your work and encourage them to purchase badges.

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Recognize supporters


How to earn with Badges Program

When viewers purchase badges you can also see the total number of badges purchased and your total
earnings along, with progress on any goals you set. To see more in-depth earnings, tap "View" during your
Live. To see your total badge count, head to "Badges" in your professional dashboard at any time after
your Live has ended.

Payment Cycle for Badges Program

The Settlement Amount is credited securely into your Treasurechit Creator Wallet instantly.
You can view your deposited balance and the upcoming payments on the Treasurechit Creator Hub

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