Earn with Influencer Program

Go live with original content, engage with new users, and grow your following.

When you start streaming, your livestreams appear on the storefront on Treasurechit Live and your followers on Treasurechit are eligible to be notified in the Treasurechit shopping app when you go live. You’re eligible to earn commissions from qualifying purchases generated from your livestream placements on Treasurechit.

Grow your following

Treasurechit gives you a way to build your followers on Treasurechit. Growing your followers helps grow your viewership, as your followers are eligible to be notified in the Treasurechit mobile app when you go live.

Recommend products and get paid for it

keep followers informed

With new followers every day,regularly add quick education to every 3-5 affiliate posts to let your audience Know where and how they can shop your affiliate content.

Tag often,sell more

Repetition is key so the more exposure your followers have to products tags in your content, the more likely they are to tap and shop.

Be smart;use insights

Take a look at your affiliate insights to see what followers are tapping on and purchasing.As you learn more about your followers preferences,let these insights guid your future tagging strategy.

Be transeparent

Be authentic

Your followers started following you fora reason.Don't let the earning potential ofyour content get in the way of stayingtrue to what they already love about you.

How to earn with Influencer Program

You'll receive commission payments based on the total sales you drive for a brand. You can see a brand's commission rate within the app.

You'll be paid on closed commissions, after the return period for the items purchased has passed. You'll be able to track your performance in your Insights tab.

Payment Cycle for Influencer Program

The Settlement Amount is deposited securely into your bank account in 7 business days from order delivery. You can view your deposited balance and the upcoming payments on the Creator Hub.

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