With Creator Insights

Own your insights, own your growth

We want to make sure that every creator has the tools they need
to grow. It starts with knowing your audience and how to reach
them – and Creator Insights can help you do just that.

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Performance insights

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Track your account's growth with our insights

Creators, like you, are always learning – and our Insights can help you do more of that. Check your Account Insights to track your growth through recent highlights, reach, engagement, and more. Then browse your Content Insights to see the engagement and discovery metrics.

Get to know our key features

Understand your content and its impact with our latest Insight tools: a calendar that tracks your performance across time frames of your choosing, your audience engagement on Live and Products, and a breakdown of your reach by content type – even between followers vs non-followers.

Navigate your creator journey

Access our professional dashboard from your creator account profile. It tracks your performance, spotlights new opportunities to grow your brand, and curates content to keep you informed and inspired.

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